I was born in 1980 in Thiene (JN55rq) and I currently live in Como, close to the border with Switzerland, on the shores of a wonderful lake. This site is devoted to my activities  as an Amateur Radio operator. My interest for radio and communications started with a small but efficient Sony receiver (the ICF-SW20), spanning through MW and SW, which made my first BC listenings possible. I have a fond memory of the nights I spent waiting for the interval signal from Deutsche Welle, from Köln, broadcasting the Italian language programs at 22.30 GMT on the 41 meters band: each night I was waiting for the closing credits which were announced over Last Train Home by the Pat Metheny Group, a beautiful jazz piece that always brings me back to those teenage radio nights.

Finally I got my CEPT A-Class ticket back in 2001. As CW (Morse Code) proficiency to operate the HF bands was still required for full-privileges, I am proudly a “know-code ham”. With the call IZ3ESV I’ve been really active for almost nine years, until I moved to Milano due to  job reasons. In July 2011 I was granted the current call-sign, IZ2ESV. I also hold a British Full Reciprocal License with the call-sign M0HES.

My main interest is CW, its preservation and practice. The Morse Code used to be the king of radio-waves and made commercial, military and civil communications possible and reliable for decades. Since it was dropped in the middle of the 1990s in favor of more “efficient” and “modern” technologies, Amateur Radio operators all over the world are the only keepers of this unique heritage.

Besides this, I am a passionate DXer and DXCC chaser (306/341). I was awarded with a WAS (Worked All States) and I qualified to request both the WAZ (Worked All Zones) and the RSGB IOTA.

I experienced the thrill of contesting for several years, but now I definitely dropped the competition. I really had the honor to join some of the most competitive teams on the block, like:

  • I3GWE (CQWW SSB 2002)
  • IO3T (CQ WPX SSB 2003) – (CQWW SSB 2003) – (ARI DX 2010) – (IARU HF 2010) – (CQWW SSB 2010 SOSB 15M)
  • 9A1P/P (IARU HF 2003, WRTC-Style)
  • IR3P (CQWW CW 2004)
  • IQ3PN (CQWW 160 CW 2007)
  • IU4HQ (IARU HF 2007 – 15CW/80SSB)
  • IK4MGP (CQWW RJ RTTY 2007)
  • IR4M (CQWW SSB & CW 2007) – (CQWW SSB & CW 2008) – (CQWW CW 2009) – (CQWW CW 2010)
  • IK3MAS (Sezioni 2009) – (Italia 40-80 2009)
  • IQ3RK (CQWW SSB 2009) – (HA-DX 2010) – (Italia 40-80 2010) – (CQ WW 160 CW 2011) – (Italia 40-80 2011)
  • TK/IZ2ESV (CQWW CW 2014 SOSB 15M LOW NON-ASSISTED – new TK record)

I was enough lucky to take part in international DXpeditions heading to some of the most amazing places in the world and I had the pleasure to operate from some other great spots in the world map:

  • VK9LA (2009) – Lord Howe Island
  • HB0/IZ3ESV (2011) – Liechtenstein
  • 9N7MD (2011) – Nepal
  • TM1F (2012) – Ratonneau Island, France (EU-095)
  • MM0HES/P (2012) – Skye Island and Inner Hebrides, Scotland (EU-008)
  • IM0MA (2013) – Arcipelago della Maddalena, Sardinia (EU-041)
  • 9A/IZ2ESV (2013) – Korcula Island, Croatia (EU-016)
  • TK1R (2014) – Corsica
  • IB0X (2016) – Ponza Island, Italy (EU-045)

During these experiences I met some of the most interesting and clever OMs and YLs I ever met. Some of them became life-long friendships. Dxpeditioning is a highly-demanding activity, which sometimes needs a huge effort in terms of time and money. But it is a true challenge for any serious DXer and it must be done at least once during a life-time (that’s what GREAT DXpeditioners use to say… HI!). I personally suggest to be at the other side of the pile-up as it will definitely make you a better operator.

A Ham Radio operator however is never alone, even though most of his/her operating time is in the loneliness of the shack. I share my love for Radio and communications being member of the following ClubsFISTS (#9877), World Wide Young Contesters Hall Of Fame (#162), I-QRP Club (#568), AGCW-DL (#3139), Croatian Telegraphy Club (#438), JARL A1-CLUB (#815), Straight Key Century Club (#313), Club Francophone Telegraphiste (#110), Radiotelegrafista I.T.C. (#892). I am a life member of the Oceania DX Group Inc. (#268) and member of the Pacific DXers (#18) since  its foundation. I am founder and member of the NOLOGO Independent DXers, which gathers some friends time to time.

If you worked me on the air, feel free to send your QSL card or just send me a message with the form below: please say hello and a provide a keen invitation for the next QSO!

73 de Tony, IZ2ESV


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