QSL Design

A QSL Card is not just the written confirmation of a two-way contact between amateur-radio stations. It is a story. It’s the story of our passion, love and dedication to our beautiful hobby.
No matter if we’re  pile-up busters, top-notch contesters or just one of the million people with the radio-bite around the World, the QSL Card speaks of us out in the crowd. And it is made to last.
Does it still make sense to talk about paper cards in the digital-era?
In one hand one could tell you that you can “confirm” everything through an email, e-QSL or just a code line on Log of The World. That is right. In the other hand one could tell you that there is a bunch of emotions, feelings and memories going through an old shoe-box full of QSL Cards. Which is tastier, and this is what I feel when I hold with my fingers that piece of paper: sometimes it is just to remember some QSO details, a long sough-after DX, the missing Entity to a great achievement or simply a good old friend met on the air.As the QSL Card is the closing act of a contact, the final “must-do” for an expedition (or just an event station which want to be remembered) or just the “final courtesy” of a contact somewhere with somebody in the Ham Bands, I like just to make it good. Make it tasty. Make it to last.
These cards have been designed for specific operations and stations, they have been printed in thousands of copies and sent all over the world. If you like the way I did it, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to design your unique QSL Card. Sometimes I can find a good arrangement for printing and very fast delivery at your QTH, if needed.
Here is the current production:


And here are some samples of the back. Here again, the options are endless, from very lean and simple to the more complex, showing all the relevant info.